Wellness Kit #2

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Our Wellness Kit #2 is three-products to help you start regaining control of your health.
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  • Wellness Kit #2 w/ Vitamin C Tabs

    Vitamin C Buffered Tablets

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  • Wellness Kit #2 w/ Vitamin C Tabs

    Essential Fatty Acids (EFA) Formula

    Price: $51.95
  • Wellness Kit #2 w/ Vitamin C Tabs


    Price: $84.95

Our Wellness Kit #2 is a three-product bundle to help you start regaining control of your health. It contains the technologically advanced beyond Health Multi-Vitamin that provides full potencies of nutrients in food quality, highly bio-available forms along with co-factors that facilitate absorption and utilization. The second product in this kit is our Vitamin C. Vitamin C is “the most miraculous molecule you can put into your body.” Of its more than 300 functions in the human body, perhaps most important is its role as a key antioxidant, able to interact with and regenerate most of the other antioxidants, including Glutathione. C is critical for maintaining body tissues for younger looking skin, supple joints, healthy blood vessels, and strong bones. Our immune system cannot function without it, and Vitamin c also supports the adrenal glands, especially during stress, and removes heavy metals and other toxins from the body. The third product is our EFA. The body cannot make EFAs; they must be ingested. Yet EFAs are required for building healthy cell membranes, this is especially critical to brain function and emotional well-being. Your body creates almost one trillion new cells daily. If their membranes are made from the wrong fats, you are creating almost a trillion malfunctioning cells each day!

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