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Clearing “Zombie” Cells Out of Your Body

Jan 23rd 2024

Clearing “Zombie” Cells Out of Your Body

Don’t look now, but we’ve all got a population of “zombie” cells living in our bodies! 

Like us, cells are born, have a life and die. Ideally, when they lose their ability to divide and reproduce through damage or simple aging, they “commit suicide” in an orderly process called “apoptosis.”  But some cells, although no longer functional, refuse to die. Instead they linger on, generating chronic levels of inflammation and producing protein-digesting enzymes that cause accelerated aging to organs and tissues, increasing our susceptibility to chronic disease.

Called “senescent” or “senile” cells, a robust immune system could destroy them, but as we age, our immune systems weaken, and these zombie cells accumulate.

In 2011, researchers genetically modified mice so that their senescent cells could be triggered to self-destruct, which increased the mice’s lifespan by an amazing 2025% while greatly retarding development of chronic disease.

This caught the attention of the pharmaceutical industry, and the race began to find a “senolytic” (“age-busting”) drug that could kill zombie cells while leaving normal cells intact.

But one natural substance already exists that can do this.  It’s quercetin (pronounced kwer’-si-tin), a pigment commonly found in plant foods and also available as a supplement.

In 2015, researchers at the Mayo Clinic tested 46 different substances, and found quercetin and a very expensive cancer drug called dasatinib were the most promising senolytic agents. Quercetin was especially good at causing zombie cells in blood vessel linings to commit apoptosis, while dasatinib excelled in destroying zombie fat stem cells.

So we can add one more way that quercetin supports health to an already extensive list.

A powerful anti-inflammatory, quercetin is known as “nature’s antihistamine” and for relieving pain, especially when combined with vitamin C. It helps vitamin C to build collagen, and recycles and increases the antioxidant effects of vitamin C.

Quercetin has also been shown to increase and sustain a high level of energy and endurance as well as maximize physical and mental performance, to kill germs, lower blood pressure, strengthen capillaries, thin the blood and fight cancer.

But it needs to be the right kind of quercetin!

Some forms may actually cause cancer! Other forms are very poorly absorbed, so you get to use only a very small percentage of what you take.

The quercetin in both of our quercetin products, Cell Repair Formula and Cell Repair Quercetin is in quercetin’s safest and most bio-available form: water-soluble quercetin dehydrate. It is 100% safe and helps protect against cancer.  It’s also up to 100% absorbed. There have been many new quercetin products introduced in recent years that all purport to be “better absorbed,” however we haven’t found one that is absorbed as well as our water-soluble quercetin dehydrate.

Raymond Francis, who takes 6 Cell Repair Formula tablets a day, believes quercetin does so many good things for the human body that everyone would benefit from taking it. 


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