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Does Your Multivitamin Measure Up?

Jan 23rd 2024

Does Your Multivitamin Measure Up?

Almost half of all Americans take a multivitamin-mineral supplement. They do it to maintain and improve health, and for protection against the chronic diseases associated with aging, like heart disease, osteoporosis, cancer, arthritis, and metabolic syndrome.

While many studies validate all the above claims, other studies find multis to be ineffective. Some even claim vitamins are dangerous!

Often researchers who’ve found multis are effective in preventing disease—like Swedish researchers who followed a group of women for 10 years, and found that among over 30,000 women who began the study with no heart disease, those who took a multi for 5 years or more had 41% less risk of having had a heart attack—have trouble explaining why other studies come to such different conclusions.  The answer is that the doses and compositions of ingredients in multivitamin supplements were very different in different studies.

Let’s get one thing clear: While prescription drugs are the 3rd leading cause of death in the United States, vitamins have never caused a single death.  But that said, what studies rarely address is that there are enormous differences in quality between one multivitamin and another and that most clinical studies are done with inferior products.

The differences between a multivitamin like the Beyond Health Multi-Vitamin and a conventional multi are vast. The synthetic nutrients in low-cost multis are fundamentally different from natural vitamins. Their molecules are in the wrong shapes; they don’t match the body’s needs, and they can even be harmful.  By contrast, the nutrients in the Beyond Health multi are identical to the vitamins and minerals found in food. Our bodies recognize these nutrients and know exactly what to do with them.  In addition, the food contains co-factors that help our bodies metabolize the nutrients; our multi supplies co-factors, while others don’t.

Some manufacturers sell so-called food-based vitamins, taken directly from food. While this sounds good, these products are low potency and often loaded with contaminants that interfere with nutrient pathways and increase our body-burden of toxins. By contrast, the nutrients in Beyond Health’s multi are extremely pure and hypoallergenic.

The upshot? Beyond Health supplies a more powerfully effective multivitamin than either a conventional or a food-based supplement.

So, it’s not a surprise when low-cost multivitamins fail to demonstrate hoped-for results. The fact that these low potency products perform at all is a demonstration of the rampant deficiencies in vitamins and minerals that exist today.

But why settle for mediocre when amazing is available? One bottle of our Beyond Health Multi-Vitamin provides a 3-month supply. The reports we get indicate that almost everyone who takes our multi for 3 months experiences some “wow” improvement, from an escalation of energy to stronger nails and hair, to a lifting of a lifelong depression and more.

Try it out for yourself and let us know your “wow” results!




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