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Jan 23rd 2024

Is This the Year You Start Exercising?

Is this the year you finally establish a regular exercise program? Exercise is the wonder drug par excellence. We can’t think of a single body system—whether it’s cardiovascular, digestive, neurological, musculoskeletal—you name it, that exercise doesn’t improve. It even makes the senses keener.

Yet, only 20 percent of US adults meet the government’s exercise guidelines: 150 minutes a week of moderate aerobic activity (or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise, or an equivalent combination) plus two sessions per week of muscle-strengthening activity.

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The most convenient and efficient way we’ve found to exercise is rebounding.

What's rebounding? Simply bouncing up and down on a specially constructed trampoline called a rebounder. There is no more efficient form of exercise, bar none, because it exercises every single cell in your body simultaneously. One or two 15-minute sessions a day will provide you with more health benefits than hours at the gym, and you won't believe how energized and alive you'll feel!

To be healthy, every one of your 60 trillion cells needs to be moved and stretched. This squeezes waste products out and draws nutrition into the cells, helping energy factories in the cells called mitochondria function at top efficiency. As a result, metabolism is revved up and everything improves:  Your lungs take in and circulate more oxygen. Blood circulation and heart strength improve. Immunity gets a boost. Your brain becomes clearer and sharper. Your adrenal glands handle stress better. Digestion, appetite and elimination all improve. Blood sugar levels even out. Arthritis is alleviated. Better hearing and eyesight have even been reported. And like most exercise, rebounding will improve mood, strengthen muscles and bones, and burn fat.

Most exercises focus on isolated groups of muscles and occur primarily on a horizontal rather than vertical plane. But rebounding exercises every muscle and bone in your body, and by working against gravity, you get many times the workout benefits.

For safety and durability, invest in one of our high-quality rebounders. If you'd like something to hold onto, you can order an optional handlebar. Cheap mini trampolines can do more harm than good. They generally don't absorb and cushion your weight properly and can cause nerve and joint damage. You also want a rebounder that's going to last, so in the long run investing in a sturdy piece of equipment is more cost efficient.

No matter what shape you’re in, as long as you’re ambulatory, you can generally start rebounding gently and reaping its benefits now, even if you start with only a few minutes a day. It's convenient too. If you have a rebounder in your home or yard, you can hop onto it at any time for a quick workout.

You know you should exercise. With a rebounder there’s no longer any excuse not to—it makes exercise too easy, convenient and fun!


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