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Jan 23rd 2024

No Iron in the Multi-Vitamin?

Question:  I noticed that the Multi-Vitamin does not contain iron. Why is this? H. B. – New York, NY Answer: There is a simple reason for not including iron. Iron is a prooxidant and will destroy antioxidants in a supplement formula (like vitamin C, D, E, selenium, zinc and others). Iron should always be taken separately. If you find iron in a multi, it is a good indication that the supplement manufacturer either doesn’t know what they’re doing or that they are pandering to consumer ignorance. At one time I worked as a consultant to supplement companies. One company I worked for asked me to evaluate their multi. Their multi contained iron, and I told them it should be removed as it was contaminating the pill. After checking with their marketing people, they decided not to remove it. Their marketing department told them that consumers are looking for a complete multi, including iron, and omitting it would affect sales. Most people in advanced countries don’t need iron supplements, especially as we age, and excess iron is not desirable. It is a pro-oxidant in the body as well as in supplement pills. Before taking supplementary iron, it is advisable to have a blood test to determine that it is really needed.




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