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Benefits of Sunlight and Vitamin D3

Jan 23rd 2024

Benefits of Sunlight and Vitamin D3

As the summer season rolls on, our thoughts turn to getting outdoors. Spending time in the sun can be fun and relaxing, and it can even lift you out of any depressed mood.

Yet, there are some who will caution you to stay out of the sun, but don’t be so quick to stay cooped up indoors because you were actually designed to be out in the sun.

The hidden health benefits of sunlight

There are many subtle ways the sun supports our health. For example, plants use sunlight to create energy through a process called photosynthesis, which helps them grow. You benefit indirectly from their sun exposure by consuming a recommended minimum 7 servings (3-1/2 cups) of these nutrient-packed fruits and vegetables every day, which helps you achieve optimal health.

The sun is also a natural source of heat, causing our bodies to maintain a higher core temperature, which promotes health by facilitating improved cell function leading to higher energy levels and providing a natural mechanism for detoxification.

The sun directly affects our biological processes too. Interestingly, an article written roughly 40 years ago—and still valid today—discusses the role of both natural sunlight and artificial light in regulating the body’s hormones. Distinguished MIT professor and author, Richard J. Wurtman, asserts in The Effects of Light on the Human Body “…that fundamental biochemical and hormonal rhythms of the body are synchronized, directly or indirectly, by the daily cycle of light and dark.”

His research, and the research of many others, shows that both natural sunlight and artificial light regulate the release of melatonin in our body which directly impacts our circadian rhythm. Therefore, adequate exposure to sunlight during the day is critical in maintaining your internal biological rhythms and effectively determines the quality of sleep you get each day.

Vitamin D - The “sunlight vitamin”

Of course, the role of vitamin D in the body is significant too. As nature intended, we produce a large amount of vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) from direct exposure of the sun’s ultraviolet B (UVB) rays on our bare skin.

Experts generally agree spending time each day in the summer sun provides most of us plenty of opportunity to produce all the vitamin D we need to stay healthy.

But, what if you can’t produce enough vitamin D from sun exposure?

Studies show supplementing with a high quality source of Vitamin D3, like our Beyond Health Vitamin D3 formula is an effective way to boost blood levels of vitamin D. Vitamin D3 is the natural form your own body makes from spending time in the sun and is essential for bone health by helping regulate calcium absorption and metabolism.

Enjoy spending some time out in the sun this summer and alleviate any worry that you’re missing out on an essential nutrient by supplementing with Beyond Heath’s Vitamin D3!




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