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Curcumin and Heart Disease

Jan 23rd 2024

Curcumin and Heart Disease

If you come from a family where heart disease has affected loved ones, or if you have heart disease yourself, you no doubt have a special anxiety about having a sudden heart attack or stroke. But heart attacks and strokes, like all forms of disease, are preventable.  It takes care and attention, but the rewards are great and the penalties severe.

Anyone worried about heart disease needs to know about the wonderful things the supplement curcumin can do to help strengthen your cardiovascular system and reverse many of the risk factors involved in heart disease.

  1. High Blood Pressure. Curcumin lowers high blood pressure through multiple means. As a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, curcumin protects blood vessels from oxidation and inflammatory damage. Curcumin improves the function of the inner lining of blood vessels, called the endothelium, which secretes signaling molecules that control blood pressure. Curcumin improves blood vessel elasticity; in one study, it was almost twice as effective as aerobic exercise in improving blood vessel elasticity in postmenopausal women! Curcumin also thins the blood, which helps to reduce blood pressure. In 2016, Chinese scientists showed that curcumin lowers blood pressure by reducing the availability of angiotensin, a hormone that causes blood vessels to contract. Angiotensin is the target of ACE Inhibitor drugs, which lower blood pressure but have undesirable side effects. Last but not least, curcumin enhances the production of nitric oxide, which enlarges blood vessels facilitating blood flow and lowering blood pressure.
  2. High Cholesterol. Curcumin lowers high cholesterol by reducing the absorption of cholesterol from the diet while increasing its transport out of cells, liver and tissues. Several studies have found it reduces total cholesterol, LDL and triglycerides, while increasing HDL (the “good” cholesterol).
  3. High Blood Sugar. Diabetics and prediabetics have a greatly increased risk for heart disease because of the many negative effects elevated levels of blood sugar have on blood vessel walls. However studies show curcumin can help to prevent and even reverse this damage, including reducing insulin resistance and facilitating weight loss, especially abdominal fat.
  4. High Levels of Fibrinogen.  Fibrinogen plays a key role in forming blood clots and having too much fibrinogen is a major risk factor for heart attacks and strokes.  Doctors may not test for it because there’s no drug that effectively brings high levels down. It tends to rise as we age—about 25 mg/dl per decade.Curcumin has been shown to bring fibrinogen levels down.

When 4 grams of curcumin was given to patients undergoing coronary artery bypass grafting beginning 3 days before surgery and continuing until 5 days after surgery, it reduced the risk of having a second serious cardiac event by an amazing 56% compared to those patients who took no curcumin.

Anyone concerned with heart health should consider taking 500-1,000 mg of Beyond Health Curcumin Formula per day. Those on blood thinners must consult their doctors as curcumin may increase bleeding risk. 





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