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Jan 23rd 2024

Treating Sports Injuries

Prevention is always best, but if you should become injured, you don't need to resort to toxic drugs like NSAIDS that reduce pain short-term but lead to long-term damage and retard healing. To alleviate pain, repair damaged tissue and speed recovery, get on an anti-inflammatory, alkaline diet if you're not already, and a strong supplement program including vitamin C to bowel tolerance along with Cell Repair Formula.

Supplements that help to reduce pain and inflammation and repair damaged tissue include Curcumin, MSM, Joint Support Formula and Endura Guard. Extra magnesium can help with muscle tightness, stiffness or spasm, as will an Epsom Salts (magnesium sulfate) bath. Call the Beyond Health office at 1-800-250-3063 for more information. Proteolytic enzymes are also helpful.

Nothing brings a healthy exercise program to a halt like an injury that can incapacitate you for weeks, months, or even, if not treated properly, lead to a chronic problem. Be proactive about injuries in two ways -- follow the Beyond Health lifestyle, including taking high-quality supplements, to become resistant to injury, and have some of the special supplements mentioned above on hand should an accident occur.




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