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The Meal Replacement Trend

May 13th 2023

The Meal Replacement Trend

Why everyone’s hopping on the meal replacement bandwagon?

Being overly busy has become our new reality. And when it comes to making the healthy meals and snacks that are so important for our health, there never seen to be enough hours in the day.

We can resort to restaurant meals and take-out, but these are expensive and not necessarily healthy. Frozen dinners and cheap fast food chains have filled the gap since the 1950s, but though they may satisfy our stomachs and provide calories, these chemical-laden meals lack nutrition and have been a disaster for our national health—major contributors to obesity and chronic disease.

What we need are healthy, good-tasting convenience foods that can be used to make quick, easy meals and snacks at a reasonable price.

In recent years, a flock of meal replacement (MR) products have entered the market promising to fill that need. Some target specific issues, like weight loss and fitness support. Others are designed to meet the needs of the elderly, diabetics, cancer and heart disease patients, and those with medical problems that make eating solid food difficult or impossible.

But more and more people want to take charge of their health before major problems develop, and for this proactive group, MR can be a huge help in making it easier to maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you’re working full-time, and want to have a life, the prospect of spending hours in the kitchen chopping up all those healthy vegetables can make even the most committed health enthusiast head for the cookie jar.

However, as major players in the food industry flood the MR market, many MR products are no better than the processed foods they seek to replace.

To provide the very best in MR products to our customers, Beyond Health has been developing our own breakthrough MR product, which will be introduced soon: Berry Meal Blast. Berry Meal Blast can be used for many specific issues as well as to make life easier for our many proactive customers who want to maintain a high level of health. 

There are lots of factors involved in creating a truly healthy MR product that isn’t just one more toxic, processed food, and even more factors if you want that product to maximize nutrition and energy production.

Check out our Berry Meal Blast and learn more while trying an amazing smoothie!




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